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I am multidisciplinary artist working as a choreographer, dancer, improviser, circus artist and installation artist. I teach axis syllabus, contact improvisation, fascia anatomy for dancers, choreographic and other modes of somatic practices. I am part of a small collective of settler Canadian and Indigenous artists that explores community/site based performance in particular watersheds in Ontario, Canada. I have worked with Frey Faust (Berlin), Sarah Shelton Mann (San Francisco), Noemie LaFrance (New York), Nita Little (Bay Area), Naka Dance (Oakland), Brandy Leary (Toronto) and numerous other choreographers. My attentional practices have recently been made different by working as a biodynamic cranial sacral practitioner, learning alongside Inuit hunting families on Baffin Island, and joining the round dance protests during the Indigenous uprising called Idle No More. I am currently completing a PhD in Performance Studies where I am researching anatomies, body performance capacities and imaginations, environmental activism and unsettling practices, and community-based performances.

Bachelor of Science Natural Resource Conservation, University of British Columbia
3 year degree in Circus Arts, from The National Circus School of Montreal
(major in aerial rope/dance and minor in clown)
MFA choreography, UC Davis (under the guidance of the late Della Davidson)
PhD candidate UC Davis

Professional Affiliations:
Member of Research in Dance Scholars