activating the space in-between

score: Activate the space inbetween

Ideas for these scores:
-situate people both inside and outside the venue
-allow the partipants to cultivate spatial awareness of each other, the objects and the architecture of the space
-activate our attention to open it to shifting time and place scales
-practice playing with a porous body, shifting the attention beyond the skin bound body


wander/drift around the room for two min

1. pick a point in the room, walk toward it for 1 minute attending to the space inbetween.

let it go, back to aimless wandering (1 minute)

2.pick a point inside the , walk away from it for 3 min, activate the space inbetween you and this outside point

let it go, back to aimless wandering

3. pick a point outside the studio and for the duration of 10 breaths move toward it, activate the space inbetwee
retun to aimless wandering on your own time

4. pick anothor point outside the studio, over five minutes move away from it
aimless wandering

5. orient your back space towards your bed here in the neighbourhood- activate the space between dreaming and waking
activate the space inbetween

6. come to stillness, face to the best of your ability where on the land your were born. Imagine a trail that you followed to get from that point to this place here in this room. Activate the space inbetween these two places.
5 minutes

aimless wandering
to wander, to see the room again, to be fully present, and to be fully present is to be capable of being in uncertainty and mystery. Ot is a conscious choice, a chosen surrender, a psychic state achievable through practice.

What we did not anticipate during our performance was that the choreographic proposition was a reunion for so many people. The ingathering of the event had brought so many people together, many of whom had not seen each other for a long time. Our event was a gathering force bringing many friends and families together. New babies were introduced to elders, old teachers saw students again, family members who had not seen each other for a while were seeing each other again. The activation of the space inbetween included the catching up, as stories were told, lots of hugs and laughter were exchanged. This all took about half hour before we could continue with the scores other scores. We had not anticipated our performance as a kind of reunion and let the excitement of greeting take its course, letting our other activations weave in and out of the greeting score that emerged.