1. come to stillness (standing, sitting or lying down)

2. using your imagination, imagine that you are a wind instrument (any one of your choosing)

3. imagine that where ever your body comes in contact with the floor or earth is an opening into your body.  Your body is organized around a midline of dynamic stillness.

4. imagine the floor or ground right beneath your feet, or wherever else your body is touching the ground, is the opening of a mouth of the ground.  The ground takes a large breath and on its exhale blows air into your body, playing your as a wind instrument.

5. find the sound you make

6. place your hand on the part of your body where your feel the sound resonating strongest  in your tissues. Play with this sound.  Imagine the ground beneath your feet playing a rhythm through you.

During the piece the audience played with this score for a long time.
Each person found a different sound. Some sounded harmonious with others and they played with singing in harmony. Other sounds were dissonant to my hears. During the rest of the evening they could offer their sound into a sound station we set up. The microphone would loop the offered sound and play it live alongside the improvised piano played with Schroter.