Initially we had wanted to place microphones along the edge of the river and have live feeds from the sounds of the river in our piece. We did this is a previous iteration along a lake and the tempo of the waves hitting the shore set the tempo for the piece,
In amplifying the sounds of the lake and the rive our intention was to create a soundscape were all sounds become entwined, where the other than human and human sounds that can be picked up by the microphone are equally sounded. The sound of the river has a certain tempo and flow that activates a certain rhythm in the space.

Along with this soundscape we had Schroter improve on the piano. He practiced being moved by the movement of the dancing around him. His piano station also had a mic with looper attached to it. Throughout the evening the participants could add their sound developed through the wind instrument score to the soundscape.

During our show their was a massive thunder storm and so we could not amplify the sound of the river. The pounding of raindrops on the glass walls surrounding us set a kind of rhythm that activated the space differently.