The Mesh Score. (Wendy Saby, Photographic Artist)

The Mesh Score. (Wendy Saby, Photographic Artist)

This score is an iteration of multiple teachers of mine who have used it in warm ups and performance scores.   We used this score with the whole audience.

The mesh score:

1. aimlessly wander in the room

2. pick one person in the room and as you walk notice them walking (do not tell them you have picked them or let them know)

3. keep that person 10 feet to your right as you move through the space

4. while maintaining this kind of connection with the person on your right, pick another person in the room and notice them walking

5. keep this new person ten feet on your left (you are the center of the triangle)

6. at this time we ask people to notice how the score choreographs the room differently

7. after some time we ask the people in the room to try to notice how you are connected in the mesh.  How are you connected beyond the two people you know you are connected with.  Notice how as you shift, you shift the people in the room which then shifts you again.

During this score the room eventually settles into a dynamic stillness.  There is always slight shifting going on as people adjust to be the center point of the triangle they are in.  Each person can potentially become aware of how their small movement in the score ripples out and shifts the whole configuration of everyone in the room, which then feeds back and shifts them again.  This score is a kind of training in sensing into being enmeshed within a network.  It slows down movement so the slightest shifts in the network can be felt.