Presented by The Garage as part of the MOVE(MEN)T5 Festival as well as THEOFFCENTER

An ambitious dance of constant departures by Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos in collaboration with Emily Leap and Kevin O’Connor.

In an ever-fracturing and globalizing world where a sense of home, self and positionality are more rapidly shifting, dissolving and realigning, they throw their bodies into deep emotional states and high physicalities. A journey through and beyond the subconscious and surreal, Departing Things asks what is the vibrational tone of loss and letting go? How do we take off into the unknown and unknowable? Can we align the future by resetting the past, and how can we change our current altitude?

Saturday-Sunday, April 14-15 2012 @ 8pm
The Garage, 975 Howard St (6th), SF 94103
Tickets: $15,; $10-20 cash at the door, but online pre-sale recommended because this show will sell out.
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