This piece was inspired by the idea of becoming a thing (see above video)
All things dream, and therefore the unexpected can always be expected.
Humans are a thing amongst other things, dreaming alongside.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 2.57.27 PM

This piece was also curated as part of the Late Night Draw at the Turner Contemporary Gallery in the UK:

Turner Contemporary ‏@TCMargate 24 Aug 2012
BoyleANDshaw drawing intervention in the Clore Learning Studio draw the architecture around the object #latenightlive

Late Night Live: Draw
24 August 2012
6 – 10pm Throughout the whole gallery


boyleANDshaw, DJ Chris Coco, Jonny Trunk, Malachy Orozco, Keeley Forstyth, Donald Bousted, Blanca Perez-Bustamante, Claudia Molitor, Alan Dickinson, Ortelius Drew, Kevin O’Connor and Tracey Emin’s work

Join them at Turner Contemporary for their monthly free Late Night Live event, when the gallery stays open until 10pm. Artist duo boyleANDshaw curate a night of live art and music inspired by the act of drawing bringing together a vibrant mix of live music, performance and talks in response to the Tracey Emin’s new body of work.

Exploring themes of drawing, love, sensuality and the sea, expect mellifluous summer vibes from the legendary DJ Chris Coco, a bespoke quirky track-list of mood music from the consistently intriguing Jonny Trunk and a sensory sound installation from boyleANDshaw with actors Malachy Orozco and Keeley Forstyth.

Plus a sound intervention by microtonal musician Donald Bousted, a light sculpture by artist Blanca Perez-Bustamante and films by Claudia Molitor and Alan Dickinson.

There will also be a chance to get involved in with drop-in drawing activities, including the collaborative, mobile and performative drawing project Ortelius Drew, a large-scale participatory live drawing performance with boyleANDshaw and an intervention from artist Kevin O’Connor.