Earthdance June 2014, June 2015
WEEK I June 1 – 6

16.00 – 18.00
This class will examine how to find strength and ease in motion.
We will play with becoming tender. The entomology of the word tender is to grow soft (Oxford English Dictionary). The term can be traced to the Latin “tender”, derived from the Sanskrit “tan”- “to stretch” or “to reach. We will start the class by tenderizing, as in meat, through a reading of German fascia researcher Schleip. Then we will play with building tents (ten-t- has some ten-der in it), moving and shifting them, testing their strength and adaptability and collapsing them, all done tenderly.

WEEK II June 8 – 13

16.00 – 18.00
What is ecological thinking/bodying? How does thinking with the AS, as a kind of comprehensive reference system, move us in ways that support the ecology of our own particular bodies? Within this class we will bring in science based research articles that suggest ways of moving with the body and its unique constellation of relations. We will cultivate movement explorations, warm ups and phrases that reference these articles, allowing them to choreograph or contain the movement. For fun we will try on more than human anatomies, the sensoriums of plants and animals of the Berkshire hills. What happens when we try on other kinds of anatomies? How can they inform our movement? This class will take place both inside and outside in the Berkshire hills.