Dumit and O’Connor 2015. The Senses and Sciences of Fascia: a Practice as Research Investigation. In: Sentient Performativities of Embodiment: Thinking alongside the Human. Lexington Books.

The Senses and Sciences of Fascia: a Practice as Research Investigation
Joseph Dumit and Kevin O’Connor

In this paper we investigate fascia (connective tissue) as an object of ongoing scientific and therapeutic research through movement based “practice as research,” participant observation and interviews. Fascia is viewed as a set of anatomical claims stretches between communities of biologists, massage therapists, doctors, anatomist and pathologists as well as somatic practitioners and dancers. Creating a Fascia Movement Research Lab we hypothesized that in experimenting with particular fascia research through movement-based practices, we would develop new kinds of questions about fascia and new ways of thinking about the body. This was confirmed. We were pleasantly surprised how often this also generated new ways of moving. Our work begins by attending to the training of sensitivity across divergent fields of fascia research and sinks lively into the viscous materialities of connections. In dialogue with performance studies, science and technology studies (STS) scholars and and movement research practitioners we explore and refigure embodiment, science, and habit.